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Brands push various content types, like funny, entertaining, or informational, to grab a specific audience’s attention.

Whether it’s email newsletters, blog posts, infographics, or videos, the goal is to engage your target, build loyalty, and gain more customers.

According to Statista, the global population is just over 4 billion. That includes 3.7 billion mobile internet users and over 3 billion social media users. Marketers can quickly reach these people using the right content.


Generating the right content for your business is No easy Task.

Most of us avoid creating content because it is too time consuming. If you write it by yourself, you will spend uncountable hours revising the content and doing the SEO to get more traffic for your website. And hardly any time is left for doing your own profitable and productive tasks.

After getting tired of all this, if you decide to outsource this work to freelancers...
it comes with its own set of nightmares...
  • Spend time researching for good content writers
  • Good content writers are expensive. Paying thousands of dollars.
  • You must wait for longer periods of time for work to be done.
  • Content writers can disappear after some time.
  • Pay separately for revisions.
  • And so many other hassles.
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Unlimited Content

Get unlimited content at the click of a button. All you need to do is login to the voicebrigade dashboard and start searching for content. There is no limit to any amount of content you can pull with our API access.


Huge Searchable database of PLR content

Inside the dashboard, you will get a huge database of 225,000+ private label articles and 1,000+ private label eBooks at your disposal. You can search for any keyword and pull-out PLR content for your niche right into your Text to Speech conversion area and can do whatever you wish to do with that content. You can resell, use for your own purposes like TTS, websites etc..


A.I Powered Sales Copy

With Voicebrigade DFY content, Generate AI Copy that Converts, In Seconds. When so much content is at your fingertips, you can easily create a high converting and engaging sales copy for you or your clients with the power of Artificial Intelligence Technology inside voicebrigade.


BCS Integration

Voicebrigade integrates with premium content source – Big search content. With this upgrade, You will be able to access and search content from BIG Search content portal at the click of a button.


Rank High Your content & Increase Your own business

You can use the content to sell your own products and services if you wish to do so. Content marketing can be powerful to get more sales and traffic.

With DFY Content, you’ll get perfect content that you can post to your blog and use it to get more traffic, leads and sales without you having to write a SINGLE word yourself!


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Convert Content Into Videos with Voiceovers And Get Even MORE Traffic And Sales

We are providing you the ability to access content from inside the voicebrigade dashboard. It is very easy to pull content directly into your text to speech conversion area and quickly convert it into videos with stunning voiceovers.

So, within few clicks you can repurpose the content and do anything with it. It is the most powerful strategy you can leverage for getting more traffic. Additionally, share these videos over YouTube and all of the other cool video sites.


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With Our DFY Content, You’ll Be Able To Leverage Engaging Content To Siphon Off Tons Of Free Traffic From All The Hottest Social Media Sites.


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