With Voicebrigade, Provide A.I Powered Pro quality Voiceover Services Solving The PRESSING Need Of Desperate
Millions Of Businesses, Saving Them Thousands Of Dollars Meanwhile You Earn super commissions!

Creating Realistic Human Speech Voiceovers
Has Never Been Simpler, Easier... And Cheaper!

Follow These 3 Steps And Transform Any Text Into A HUMAN SOUNDING VOICEOVER!:

Login & Paste

To Begin, Just Login Into The Software And Paste The Text You Need To Convert Into Human Related Sound & Our A.I Based Software Gets Into Action.

Select Language & Voice

We Offer 20 Voices And 40+ Languages For You To Choose From. You Can Preview Each Voice To Hear And Find The One That Best Fits Your Needs. Also, You Can Add Breathing Sounds, Longer Pauses In The Speech, And Even Choose The Tone Of The Speech, Adjust The Pitch, Set Emphasis And So Much More.

Download & Use

Now, Go Ahead & Download The Voice Over Generated. You Can Play The Voiceover Directly From The Software To See If You Like It Or Want To Try A Different Voice. You Can Use It For Your Projects.

People Are Absolutely LOVING This New Voiceover
Technology! Take A Look At What They
Have To Say...!

Great product! Blown away by its quality voiceovers…They sound so natural. I was looking for something like this for my podcasts and business. I’m so lucky to have found this! No more doing my voiceovers by myself or hiring someone to do it. I got a real worthy professional software in my hands.

Sienna Huynh

I used voicebrigade for creating voiceovers for my 4 sales videos. The response was awesome. Have been searching for something like this for a while now. Totally Love it! Looking forward to creating more awesome voiceovers.

Luan Henrique

Businesses Employing AI Have Statistically Higher Productivity Than Those That Do Not.

"Artificial Intelligence Is A $27 Billion Industry, Expecting To Increase Tenfold To $266 Billion By 2027. This Is A Massive Industry."

We Live In The Future. What Was Once Sci-Fi Is Now A Reality. Smartphones, Self-Driving Cars, Virtual Reality; These Technologies Were Once Only Dreamed Of.

"As Much As 15% Of All Customer Services Interactions In The World Are Fully Powered By AI – A 400% Increase Since 2017."

We All Know How Crucial Voice Overs Are For A Digital Business.

Voiceovers Are Totally Unavoidable. We Need Them To Make Different Videos, Such As

Sales Videos

Demo Videos

Presentation Videos

Training Videos

And So Many More Purposes


Finding The Right Voice-Over Talents Can Be Tricky And An Expensive Affair...

That Is Why In Voicebrigade We Have A Voice For Your Exact Requirements That Pertain To Your Project Without Dealing With Expensive And Demanding Freelancers.

Now Your clients can Kick Out Expensive & Money Sucking Voiceover Freelancers Forever & Stop Paying Big $$$ In Monthly Fees For Apps That Sound Like Robots...

And You can provide them this premium service and earn twice the money…Just imagine how much you can make….There is no limit.

From The Desk Of:-

Hi There!

We All Know The Importance Of Voiceovers. But We All Also Know The Reality Of Voiceover Industry. First, We Spend Exhorbitant Time And Money For Hiring Freelancers And Then Sometimes The Voiceover Generated Sounds Turn Out To Be Robotic.

Hence, We Are Here With An Innovative Software That Will Resolve All Your client’sProblems And Help You Scale Your or Your Client’s Business By Meeting All Voiceover Needs Easily And Cheaper.

We Proudly PresentOur Brand-New Software That Will Help You Generate Thousands in Commissions by helping your clients generateNaturally Sounding Voiceovers That Easily Capture Audience Attention And Boost Conversions And Sales.

Our Software Will fulfilAll voiceover Needs Without having youPaying A Single Penny Anymore Separately.

This Way Your clients Can Easily Engage With Potential Audience In International Markets, Increase Global Reach &Rank For Multiple Languages &Content – All In Few Clicks!

Go From Text To Speech With A Versatile AI Voice Generator And Save Thousands Of Dollars Spent On Freelancers And Voiceover Apps.

Bid Farewell To All Your Voiceover Troubles & Say “Hello” To A Revolutionary Futuristic Voiceover Tech!

Skyrocket Your Results With Voicebrigade’s
Industry-Leading Features:

  • Transform Any Text Into Stunning Speech.
  • Upto 40 Human-Sounding Voices Available
  • Both Male & Female Voices Included
  • Create unlimited voiceovers for upto 700 characters (per voiceover)
  • Works In 20 Languages
  • Alter Speech Speed. Emphasis, SayAs.
  • Adjust Tone, Rate, Pitch And Output Volume Of The Voice For Custom Requirements.
  • Works With All Video Creation & Editing Software: Adobe Premier, Imovie, Camtasia, Etc.
  • Convert Any Script Into Podcasts – Easily Upload And Share On Any Platform Including Apple, Google, Spotify In Just One Click!
  • Commercial License
  • 100% Beginner Friendly, Zero Speaking Or Content Creation Skills Required
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Frequent Software Updates At No Extra Cost
  • Works On All Devices. No Need To Install. Cloud-Based SAAS Application.
  • No Technical Skill Or Experience Required.

A Feature-Packed, Powerful Studio!
Voicebrigade Is Perfect For…

Explainer Videos


Social Media Videos

TV Commercials


Training Videos

Audio Books

Demo Videos

Any Other Type Of Video

Robotic Voices Turn Off Your Listeners.

Most Text-To-Speech Apps Use Amazon Polly Or Google Wave Net To Create Their Voiceovers. These Sound Like Mechanichal Scripted Voices That Make It Monotonous.

Now No More Boring Robotic Voices… Text To Speech Is More Natural Sounding Than Ever With Voicebrigade!

That’s Right. With The Advances In Speech To Text Technology You Can Now Create Great Sounding Media In Mere Minutes.

Our AI Engine Injects Real Emotion And Inflection Into Your Voiceovers, So Your Listeners Will Keep Listening And Your Buyers Will Buy!

Voicebrigade’s AI Engine Ensures Your Voiceovers Will Not Only Sound Right... They’ll FEEL Right!

Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3
Demo 4
Demo 5
Demo 6
Demo 7
Demo 8
Demo 9

Incredible! Did You Notice Our Voices Sound So Natural – Not At All Robotic.

Most Of The People Hearing A Voiceover Generated With Voicebrigade Can’t Tell It’s Not A Real Human Voice!

STOP Using Sounds Like Monotoned Garbled Metal In Your Projects. Because With Access To Our Nextgen AI Voiceover Technology In Voicebrigade – You Can Produce High Quality Human Like Text To Speech Audio Leaps And Bounds Above The Competition!

Get Instant Access NOW!

Let’s Checkout Some Of The Amazing
Features You Get With Voicebrigade:

Super Simple Dashboard

Everything Is Right In Front Of Your Eyes. No Clicking Around Trying To Find The Tools To Use. The Layout Is Designed To Make Sure You Can Start Generating High Quality Text To Speech Fast.

Easy To Use Editor

It Comes With A Built-In, Easy To Use Editor That Makes It Easy For You To Edit Text Way Before You Get The Final Output To Be Used.

Engaging, Realistic Human Like Voices

Choose From 40 Realistic Human Like Voices That Sound REAL. Our Selection Of AI Voices Covers Feminine, Masculine And Neutral Tones, And Spans A Variety Of Ages, And Accents So You Can Tell Your Stories, Your Way And Give An Unmatched Experience To Your Audience.

Supporting 20 Languages

Make Your Presence Felt On Global Scale & Reach Maximum Customers Worldwide By Choosing From 20 Top Languages Across The Globe. Now That’s Something That Your Audience Will Definitely Fall For.

Instantly Convert Text Into Speech Files

It Has All The Powers You Need To Convert Any Script Into Attention Grabbing & Traffic Sucking Voice/Audio File In Few Minutes. Now You Too Can Increase Your Sales & Be On The Top Without Any Hassles.

Pick Your Pace

Customize Your Voice Overs With Our Speed Controls. Whether You Want To Stay Under A Time Limit Or Take Things Slow, You Can Find The Right Speed For Your Video. All You Need To Do Is Choose A Voice And Experiment With The Speaking Speed Slider.

Easily Modulate Pitch For Your Audience

Managing The Pitch & Speed Of Your Voice Over Couldn’t Get Faster & Easier Than This. It Is Created From The Grounds Up Keeping Your Audience In Mind, So Make Adjustments As And When You Need To Get Best Results.

Other Voice Controls

You Can Also
1. Set Emphasis How You Like
2. Set Say As
3. Set Breaks For More Natural Talking
4. Set Paragraph Breaks
5. Set Sentence Breaks

100% Newbie & Pocket Friendly Technology

This Ground-Breaking Technology Is 100% Newbie Friendly As Well As It’s Not Heavy On Your Pockets. It Is Very Fast & Easy To Use To Use & Can Be Used By Anyone Easily To Save Time & Money And Ultimately To Boost Their Business,

No Quality Compromises EVER

Now, Gone Are The Days When You Had To Worry For Delayed Project Delivery, Improper Voice Modulation, Lack Of Voice Clarity Etc. It Delivers The Best Output Even When You’re Busy Focusing On Other Important Areas Of Your Business.

Secured Membership Area

Be Rest Assured Of Any Security Breaches Or Violations. It Access Comes With A Fully Secured Member’s Area That Ensures You Don’t Face Any Hassles In Any Case.

Step By Step Video Training

It Comes With A Very Easy & Step-By-Step Video Training That Makes Using It As Easy As Child’s Play. Just Follow This Training & The Results You Get Will Be Overwhelming,

Fully Cloud Based Software

It Is Fully Cloud Based Software So You Won’t Have To Spare A Thought For Any Download Or Installation Hassles Ever.

Software Updates

Look, We’re Not Those Kinds Of Guys Who Launch New Software And Never Update It. We Strive To Make Your Experience With Us Amazing, So We’ll Be Frequently Adding Updates To The Software.

With All Of These Powerful Features There’s Nothing Stopping You From
Creating Stunning Voice Overs Within Minutes…

Commercial License

This is your superpower. With this you can sell this premium service and easily land high paying clients in minutes. There is no limit to earn with this feature and you have unlimited earning potential.

Save Thousands of Your Customers & Skyrocket
Your Voiceover Business With Voicebrigade…

Now You Can Save Your customers FromSpending Thousands On Money Sucking Voice Over Artists Or Voiceover Apps That Generate Boring Robotic Voices..

We’ll Show You How….

Looking At These Rates, You Can Easily Calculate That For A 10 Minute Video, You Will Have To Pay Minimum $50 Because These Rates Are Likely Per Minute….And If You Choose To Go Higher, The Cost Can Go Upto $250 Or More.

Depending On Different Calibers Of Talent, The Price Range For A High Quality Professional Voice-Over Can Range Anywhere Between $250 And $3,500.

And Even If You Find A Handful Of Talented Voiceover People On Fiverr Or Upwork, You Would Have Gone Through Hours Of Time Filtering The Best One Just To Find That They Are Already Overbooked. Not For The Quality That You Want That You Already Know Voicebrigade Produces.

Instead, Why Not Take Your Power Back In Your Hands By Claiming Your Copy Of Voicebrigade Today? There’s No Point Paying Repeatedly For The Same Result Over And Over Again.

Get Voicebrigade And Save Thousands Of Dollars That Your customers Might Pay Over A Longer Period Of Time On These Sites While You Earn boat load of commissions.

Voicebrigade Gives You Super Quick, Efficient And Cheaper Voiceover Everytime On TIME – Without The Hassles Of Dealing With Freelancers…

Picture The Scene:

Everything’s Going Swimmingly. Your Freelancer Is Meeting Your Business Needs, They’re Sending You Assets On Time, And Then Suddenly – Everything Stops. Out Of Nowhere, Your Freelancer Stops Responding To Messages And Starts Missing Deadlines. Eventually, They Drop Off The Radar Completely – Money, Work, And Time Disappearing Down The Drain, Leaving You Completely Clueless…

A Total Nightmare Right?

Unfortunately, Like Most Wonderful Things, Hiring Freelancers, And Freelance Jobs, Come With Their Own Set Of Potential Problems.

  • You’re Out Of Control – Freelancers Are Unlikely To Have Loyalty To Your Business.
  • Lack Of Contact - Don’t Expect Minute-By-Minute Updates On Their Progress. They Often Work Remotely, So Time Zones And Different Schedules Need To Be Considered Before They Can Ruin Your Plans.
  • You’re Not Their Sole Focus - Freelancers Are Busy Bees. The Talent Pool For Freelancing Is So Large, That In Order To Compete With The Best, They Take On Multiple Jobs Online At Any One Time.
  • Payment Problems - You’re Going To Have To Sort Out All The Nitty-Gritty Details Of Payment Yourself – You Won’t Exactly Have Your Freelancer On The Company Payroll.
  • Unclear Expectations - If You Give Vague Instructions And The Project Turns Out A Disaster, You’ve Really Got No One To Blame But Yourself – Sorry.
  • You’re A Cheapskate - If You’re Paying A Ludicrously Low Amount, You Should Probably Expect That The Work May Mirror This.

But Voicebrigade Will Never Do That To You.
It Delivers Your Voice Over Right When You Need It
Without Having To Worry About Voicebrigade
Disappearing Like Some Freelancers Do.

Plus, You Will Not Have To Pay Repeatedly For Getting Small Changes Done To Your Project.

    With Voicebrigade, Never Again Will You or Your customers Have To..

  • Pay Commercial Fees On Voice Overs
  • Search Endlessly On Freelance Sites For Voice Over Talent.
  • Give Thousands To Voice Over Artists Only To End Up Disappointed
    With The Quality – You’ll Have Spare Money To Grow Your Business With
  • Waste Hundreds Of Hours Recording Your Own Voice Scripts
  • Scare Away Your Visitors With Creepy Sounding Voice Overs
  • Wait Weeks For A Voice Over To Be Finished

So Today Is Your Chance, And For A Limited Time Only, To Secure Your Commercial Access To Voicebrigade…

Just Imagine, No More Dealing With The Nasty Attitude Of Freelancers, Spending Hours Looking For The Right Talent Or Getting Frustrated Because The Voiceover Isn’t How You Wanted It To Be, And No Time - And Money-Wasting.

With Voicebrigade, Just Bypass All Of The Above And Literally Have A Stunningly Realistic Human Sounding Voiceover In Minutes From Now.

Click On The BUY Button Now And Get Instant Access!

Voicebrigade Is Newbie Friendly, ZERO Speaking
Or Content Creation Skills Required!

We Have Made Voicebrigade Completely Newbie Friendly. You Don’t Need An IT Degree To Operate Our Software. You Won’t Need Any Speaking Skills Or Content Creation Skills To Generate Voiceovers.

It Is Very Easy To Operate The Software And Get Your Work Done.

Moreover, It Works Flawlessly With All Video Editors…

Take A Look At What They Have To Say...!

Excellent! Super! I cannot believe AI technology in text to speech has made such an incredible progress. The sounds are totally human like. I’m impressed with Voicebrigade’s features. I recommend it for your videos and podcasts. Voice brigade is a must in your marketing tool’s arsenal.

Patrick San

I used voicebrigade to create my voiceovers..and I must tell it was super easy to use. It just took a few minutes and some simple clicks. Even the language and voice options are amazing..what a variety of sounds! Thank you for such an amazing product at this price! This is a huge time saver and friendly on the pocket too. I can’t imagine the time and money I was spending earlier on voice actors. So happy to have found it.

Jasmine Evans

After trying multiple text to speech softwares, I was a bit hesitant to use voicebrigade. But then I finally took a chance to test it…And honestly! It proved me wrong…Totally natural sounding voices and easy cool editor which any newbie can use. I created some podcasts and easily uploaded them on Apple. Don’t hesitate to buy – it will put your videos and podcasts on steroids and engage real audience, traffic and sales.

Alex Frazier

Reasons You Will Fall in Love With Voicebrigade :

The Right to sell voiceover services can help you start your own profitable voiceover business

Commercial license can skyrocket your profits instantly just by helping you boost your client’s business with our premium software.

AI Delivers Higher Accuracy In Generating Natural Human Like Voiceovers Which Is A Game Changer.

AI Based voices Have The Ability To Consider Context And Linguistic Nuances To Offer Greater Accuracy To You And Improved The Availability Of Real Time Solutions, At Your Fingertips Like Never Before.

Generate Voiceovers Into Different Languages…In Male Or Female Voices & Multiple Accents!

Voicebrigade Gives You Access To Over 40 Different Voices And 20 Languages Which Makes It Easier For You To Grab That Giant Share Of Buyers By Simply Speaking Their Language In Your Videos In Male Or Female Voices…… With Multiple Accents To Choose From!

Cutting Edge Groundbreaking Technology

It Is A High-Quality AI Powered Tech Different From The Rest & Provides Highly Accurate 100% Genuine & Human Like Sounds To Ensure You Engage Max Viewers & Convert Them Into Happy Customers To Boost Business.

Boost Customer Engagement & Reduce Bounce Rates

When You’re Giving Your Audience The Best Content In Their Preferred Language, There’s No Element Of Doubt That It’ll Result In Getting Higher Engagement Rates That Ultimately Takes Your Business To The Next Level.

100% Customization At An Affordable Price

Use It To Believe And You’ll See The Difference Yourself. Voicebrigade Is Something That Gives You The Best Of The Features At The Most Reasonable Price You’d Even Seen.

Abandon All Money Sucking Voice Over Artists

With It, You’ll Be Finally Able To Make The Best Use Of Your Finances & Entice Max Audience Without Paying Huge Chunks Of Money To Voice Over Artists That Charge A Lot With No Results.

Newbie & Pocket Friendly Technology

This Ground-Breaking Technology Is 100% Newbie Friendly As Well As It’s Not Heavy On Your Pockets. It Is Very Fast & Easy To Use To Use & Can Be Used By Anyone Easily To Save Time & Money And Ultimately To Boost Their Business,

Zero Compromise On Quality

Now, Gone Are The Days When You Had To Worry For Delayed Project Delivery, Improper Voice Modulation, Lack Of Voice Clarity Etc. It Delivers The Best Output Even When You’re Busy Focusing On Other Important Areas Of Your Business.

So, Get Ready To Amplify Your Impact, Reach And Results
And Drive Sky High Engagement With Voicebrigade.

It Normally Takes Thousands Of Dollars To Create Software Like This...

And Months Of Waiting For Designers, Coders To Create Such A Thing.

We Can Easily Charge $97 Per Month For This Amazing Groundbreaking Software...But For A Limited Time, You Can Get It For A Low, One-Time Investment.

So There You Have It – It’s Easy And Achievable!

Just Grab Yourself A Cup Of Coffee, Upload Your client’s Scripts To Voicebrigade And You Are All Set…

Don’t Trust Pesky Voiceover Apps Or Freelancers To Handle Your Voiceover Needs.

No More Wasted Time, Money, And Energy On Systems That Don't Deliver.

Cancel All Those Monthly Subscriptions NOW!

With Voicebrigade, You Can

  • Generate Human Like Voiceovers In Upto 40 Voices And 20 Languages
  • Create Voiceovers For Training, Demo, Explainer, Sales Videos, Documentaries, And Presentations And Any Other Type Of Video.
  • Convert any script into Podcasts – Easily UPLOAD & SHARE it On Any Platform Including Apple, Google, Spotify…In Just 1-Click
  • Customize Speech Options.
  • Control Voice-Over Volume Levels.
  • Easily land premium clients in a hot niche
  • Works With Any Video Software Including Camtasia, Explaindio, Adobe Etc.
  • Provides huge database of readymade DFY good quality content
  • Reach Wider Audience With Natural Sounding Voice-Over Technology
  • Engage Your Audience! Boost Your Sales And Conversions
  • Boost Trust, Customer Engagement & Profits Hands Down

And You Can Create Voiceovers For As Many Scripts As You Want...
All For Just One Tiny Investment

You Are Completely At
Zero-Risk With Our Product.

Our Awesome Voicebrigade Comes With A Special 30 Day 100% Money Back Policy! If At Any Time Within 30 Days Of Purchasing, You Are Not 100% Satisfied, You May Return It To Us For A Refund. No Questions Asked. Your Satisfaction Is Our Primary Concern.

We May Keep Talking About Our Powerful Software, But Ultimately You Have To Try It Out For Yourself And Make Sure This Is For You!

Voicebrigade’s Voice-Over Makes Makes Your Videos, Podcasts Highly Accessible, And Engaging Giving You The Opportunity To Unlock So Much Potential From Your Video Assets.

The Brand New Voicebrigade Puts Human Like Voiceovers At Your Fingertips, Whenever You Need Them... With Only A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!

Just Log Into Your Voicebrigade Dashboard From Anywhere, On Any Device, Pick Your Voice, Type, Or Paste Your Script, And Your MP3 Voiceover Is Ready To Download Within Minutes.

Get Voicebrigade Now!

You Won’t Regret It.

But This Is A Limited Time Offer.

Any Time, This Superb Deal Will Simply Disappear… Permanently Closed To The Public, Forever. To Ensure The Quality Of Our Technology, We Can’t Just Keep It Running For Forever.

So, Don’t Let It Slip Away And Regret Paying More Later.

Once Your Order Is Complete, You’ll Receive Your Login Details Immediately Sent To Your Chosen Email Address. To Your Unstoppable Success!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Exactly Is Voicebrigade?

    Voicebrigade Is The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need For Getting Voiceover Work Done. Login, Paste In Any Text, Choose A Voice & Language, And Download.
    Also Included Are Features Such As Pauses, Emphasis, Pitch, Tone Etc. And Much Much More!

  • How Many Voiceovers Can I Create?

    As Many As You Like! There’s No Limit On The Number Of Voiceovers You Can Generate. The Only Restriction Is That Voiceovers Can’t Be Longer For More Than 700 characters And Only 40 Voices and 20 languages Are Available, In The FE Version.

  • Is There Any Training Included?

    Yes, We Have Created A Video Tutorial To Guide You How To Use The Software Just To Make Sure You Make No Errors And Do It Easily, Hassle Free.

  • Is It Compatible With All Video Editing Softwares?

    Yes It Is. Voicebrigade Is Compatible With All Video Apps.

  • Is It Newbie-Friendly?

    Yes. You Don’t Need Any Special Skills Or Technical Experience To Generate Human Like Voiceovers.

  • Will This Work On Mac And PC?

    Yes, It Doesn’t Matter What Operating System Of Device You’re Using. It Is Easy To Use And Works Perfectly, Every Time.

  • Is There A Money Back Policy?

    Yes, You Get 30 Days To Use Voicebrigade And Make Sure This Is For You. If For ANY Reason You’re Not Satisfied, Just Let Us Know, And We’ll Get You A Refund Of Your Tiny Investment Here Today.

  • Do You Provide Support And Updates?

    Yes! Voicebrigade Is Super Easy To Use, But If There’s Ever An Issue, We’re Right Here. Send Us An Email And We’ll Fix You Up! We’ll Also Let You Know When New Updates Are Available, And Offer Them To You For Free, As A Valued Customer!

  • Is It Still Worth If I Have Only Few Voiceovers To Be Generated?

    Sure. Would You Prefer To Spend $100 Or More Getting A Voiceover Done, When You Can Do All This For Endless Scripts… And For Just One Small Investment In Voicebrigade Instead?
    Remember, With Our Software, You Don’t Have To Search For Freelancers Or Deal With Contracts.

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