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Upload your series of images:

Select images and upload them directly inside the dashboard. No technical skills needed.

Generate a voice over with VoiceBrigade:

Customize your video with your content. Upload the script into the editor and generate a voiceover in required voice and language. Download the mp3.

Upload audio file In Video Creator:

Upload the voiceover mp3 file in Video Maker. Sync it with images already uploaded.

Click on “Create video”, & you’re done!

Once ready, Hit “create Video” and your HD video is ready to publish.

Create & Sell Dynamic videos in HD quality that your audience will be overwhelmed with and increase your profits.

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Voice over trends in video has been steadily gaining steam as one of the most popular ways to connect with your target audience. And the audience loves it, too.

It comes as no surprise that three of the top voice over trends for 2022 all happen to be related to video. They are:
  • Vlogs, or video blogs

  • Social video marketing

  • Interactive videos

99% People enjoy watching online video content from brands.
While businesses can certainly DIY with video, it’s imperative they deliver quality - That means quality content, quality footage and quality audio.

A high-quality voice over with a Video can contribute greatly to transform a run-of-the-mill vlog, social or interactive video into a compelling piece that perfectly aligns with your brand and helps you drive clicks, leads and sales.

Here, Voicebriagde comes into action.

Voicebrigade Videomaker Will Explode Your leads and sales With No EXTRA Work By Generating unlimited HD Videos with voiceover and selling them to high paying customers at profit.
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Voicebrigade Video Maker is a video Creator that creates fantastic, delightful, and highly engaging videos FOR YOU so you can captivate, mesmerize, and get customers, FAST.

Unlimited Videos & Renders


Create as many videos as you like with ZERO restrictions.

ZERO Monthly Fees


No hidden surprises, budget sucking rendering or monthly fees.

Commercial License


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Create, Publish & Sell UNLIMITED Videos For Profits:


Whether it’s an explainer video, a social media video, or a video ad, you can create them all with incredible effects to profit all day, every day.

Text To Speech Conversion


Turn any text into voice speech and Create mesmerizing voiceovers directly inside the dashboard to engage your audience like a human and will take your videos to new heights of customer captivation.

Watch How It Works

You don’t need just one video. Or two.

You need a TON of them to feed your audience day in and day out so that you always stay foremost in their minds.

To keep up with the demand, you need a well-oiled video machine that works NON-STOP.

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Voicebrigade Video Maker gives you the power to auto-create amazing videos with voiceovers inside one dashboard itself.

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Just download these videos and use them anywhere you or your client’s like and as often as required –on blogs, websites, emails, eCom stores, social media and more...

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With Voicebrigade Video Maker, You can

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  • Create Unlimited HD Video Ads
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Voicebrigade’s Video Maker creates compelling videos, so you make a powerful impact on your audience instantly for incredible results.

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